Membership Types

  • 7-Day Championship: Valid all days and holidays when the course is open for public play, Feb. 27 – Dec. 2, 2023 on the Championship 18 only. This also includes access to the all NEW Horseshoe opening late Spring 2023.
  • 7-Day All Access: Valid all days and holidays when the course is open for public play, Feb. 27 – Dec. 2, 2023. All access includes Pasture and Horseshoe.

All memberships do not include golf cart or range privileges. Memberships may be forfeited if any member is deemed to have violated the Timpanogos Golf Club Code of Conduct below.

General Policies to Be Aware Of

  • Tee Times: Tee Times should be made as often as possible with correct numbers either online or over the phone. Our goal is to avoid prepaid tee times and we hope you will keep us updated with accurate numbers and the amount of holes that will be played. Doing this together will help us avoid unnecessary pre payments. Single times are taken the day off by calling the Golf Shop.
  • Cart Usage: Golf Cart usage will be strictly monitored in 2023. Our maintenance crews work incredibly hard to keep the course and native areas in top condition. Because of this, any players caught not adhering to golf cart signage or general guidelines will first be warned. If a second infraction occurs all cart privileges will be removed for the 2023 Season. No exceptions. Please keep the following in mind:
    • All carts should remain on the cart path near and around any tee box
    • No cart should ever pass a cart direction sign near a green. Once near the sign, carts should follow the arrow to the nearest cart path
    • A cart should never enter a native area or native bunker area unless directed to do so for a cart path

Important Dates

  • Tee Times Taken: February 20th
  • Opening Day: February 27th
  • Men’s League Play Begins: March 8-9  (all day)
  • TGC Men’s Association Opening Social & Awards Banquet: March 10th, 6:00 pm
  • TGC Opening Social Scramble: March 11th 9:00 am
  • 81st Primo Provo Open Week: June 12th