The Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine (Noorda-COM) has established a health outreach program named in honor of Provo City Mayor Michelle Kaufusi. The program, Kaufusi’s Keikis, is being developed by Noorda-COM in partnership with the Provo School District to provide annual medical screenings for Provo elementary school-aged children, including those at Title 1 schools.

All net proceeds from the Provo Open week will benefit Noorda-COM’s Kaufusi’s Keikis program. Funds will be used to launch the health outreach program this fall at several Title 1 elementary schools in Provo, including helping cover the costs of supplies, equipment, transportation, and marketing for the program.

The goal of this health outreach program is to ensure that every elementary-aged within the Provo City School District receives a thorough health screening while in elementary school, and that families of these children are provided with resources they can access to address any health-related issues identified through the screenings.