June 10-11, 2024

The Provo Advantage Pro Ams allow organizations to enjoy the many advantages of Provo while giving back through the Noorda-COM Foundation and the Kaufusi’s Keikis program. Partners may utilize this event as a chance to thank and entertain your guests. Reward yourself, employees, customers, contractors, or vendors as well as promote your brand with great food, great golf, unique swag and the all new Primo Experience all while enjoying the many advantages of Provo.

An Exceptional Community

For over 40 years, the Provo Open and the City of Provo have have partnered championship golf with various elements of the Ray and Tye Noorda Family to help those who need it most. The Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, along with Primo and Mayor Michelle Kaufusi have joined together to continue that cause.

Their program, “Kaufusi’s Keikis,” will provide any elementary-aged child in Provo who opts in a series of free, annual, in-school health screenings. This health outreach program will benefit all the children of Provo, but it will be especially beneficial for low-income and under-resourced communities.

Health screenings will be conducted by Noorda-COM student doctors. And eventually, other students and pre-meds (from Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, and Roseman University) will join us in this interprofessional, collaborative effort to help the children of Provo thrive.