On September 13, 1923, 20 Provo residents gathered at the Provo City Chamber of Commerce to create the Provo Golf and Country Club. The Club was one of the first in Utah and vowed to create a golf experience for the State of Utah. At the time, the organization was created to provide golf, tennis, yachting and boating to the residents of Provo. The First Ward Pasture Company in South Provo, Utah donated their land for the new 9 hole course to be built. A test run of the course was offered in October of 1923 to members and in the Spring of 24′ the course opened to the general public.
Following the success of the 1927 Union Pacific Railway Athletic Meet Golf Tournament, Provo City hired Willie Tucker from New York City to renovate the newly named Timpanogos Golf Club at the First Ward Pasture site. Tucker and his son had just completed the famous Philadelphia Cricket Club and Preakness Hills Country Club. The renovation of “The Pasture” included the new course, small airport and horse track.
For over 60 years, the original Timpanogos Golf Club hosted Utah Opens, State Amateurs and many other championships. Golf in Provo thrived . In 1984, with economic pressures at the original site, the golf course was moved further south on the original First Ward Pasture site. One of the grandest undertakings then took place to build the new 27 holes near the eastern shores of Utah Lake.
In July of 1986, using some of the original property and new sections of the southern property, Timpanogos, now East Bay Golf Course, opened to the public. For over 30 years East Bay grew to become the most used golf course in Utah County.
Following a land acquisition in 2018, Nebraska native golf architect, Kevin Atkinson, rebuilt, renovated and brought the past back to the future. On September 30, 2020 Timpanogos Golf Club reopened its doors providing a new golf experience for Utah, while revisiting its storied 1920’s past.